Joining Us

Joining Us

From your initial consultation through to your treatment and ongoing care, we take all the time we need to ensure your long-term dental health and confident smile.

You will be warmly welcomed by a member of our team. We will take some details from you of your medical and dental history. If you are even remotely anxious do let us know; we are very experienced at soothing nervous people and there is much we can do to help.

Your first appointment will be slightly longer so that we can have a thorough review of your dental wellbeing. We aim to provide a service and relationship that our patients can trust and continue with throughout their lives. By working together we will help you to smile with confidence, have fresher breath and enjoy good general health and wellbeing.

Here is an overview of what we look to cover during your first examination appointment:

  • Your general health, wellbeing and medication will be discussed and the impact on your oral health and treatments considered.
  • Your teeth will be examined for decay, sensitivity, fractures and abnormal wear or mobility.
  • Restorations such as fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges and dentures will be examined to ensure they are still sound.
  • Any gum inflammation, bleeding, gum disease, plaque retentive factors and recession will be assessed.
  • Your bite will be assessed, because the way that your teeth meet can affect your jaw, teeth and any dental work present in your mouth.
  • We will look at the inside of your mouth (tongue, cheek, palate etc) which can be affected by health conditions including mouth cancer, reactions to medications and diseases affecting the immune system.
  • We usually recommend a hygiene clean and polish and oral hygiene assessment.
  • Following this comprehensive examination, advice will be given of any appropriate treatment and available options.

Once your examination is complete your dentist will discuss the findings with you. We will then create a treatment plan with alternative options where possible, including all the benefits and risks of each procedure and the cost.