How has the pandemic affected how you see your smile?

The global pandemic has affected us all in so many ways, from the way we work, holiday, travel, look, and form connections with others, say the Stroud dentists at Fourways Dental Surgery on Chalford Hill.

A study* of more than 2,000 Brits last month revealed how the pandemic has affected the development of new social connections. Nearly two-in-three (58%) said smiling was important in developing friendships and relationships and believed covering their smile with a face mask has had a detrimental effect on forming connections.

As many as 62% of the female respondents confirmed they had been struggling to form connections with others following the introduction of face masks.

Is your smile ready for the big reveal?

Soon wearing masks when out and about will be a thing of the past – is your smile ready for the big reveal?

Our Stroud dentists at Fourways Dental Surgery in Chalford Hill think there is nothing more beautiful than a confident smile with healthy teeth, pink gums and fresh breath. If yours isn’t quite there yet, there are lots of ways to get your smile looking great – and they needn’t break the bank.