How has the pandemic affected how you see your smile?

The global pandemic has affected us all in so many ways, from the way we work, holiday, travel, look, and form connections with others, say the Stroud dentists at Fourways Dental Surgery on Chalford Hill.

A study* of more than 2,000 Brits last month revealed how the pandemic has affected the development of new social connections. Nearly two-in-three (58%) said smiling was important in developing friendships and relationships and believed covering their smile with a face mask has had a detrimental effect on forming connections.

As many as 62% of the female respondents confirmed they had been struggling to form connections with others following the introduction of face masks.

It also found that more than half (58%) have changed the way they feel about their smiles as a result of online video calls.

A third (33%) said they were more aware of the colour of their teeth and nearly a quarter (24%) were more conscious about the alignment of their teeth.

The new research, released as part of National Smile Month, shows that one in ten (11%) UK adults feels self-conscious seeing their smile during an online meeting or video call.

The smile is one of the most important assets we have and is how we communicate our thoughts, emotions and feelings towards one another. Because of its prominence, and importance, the smile can also be a great source of concern for some.

While having a beautiful, straight smile is important for aesthetic reasons and has been shown to boost our confidence – because when we look good, we feel good – enjoying a healthy mouth that works well is the priority.

Maintaining a healthy smile is at the heart of National Smile Month – a charity campaign by the Oral Health Foundation. It provides an opportunity for everybody to gain more confidence about their smile by learning the basics behind having good oral health.

If you are keen to improve the health or appearance of your smile, contact us today to find out how we can help.

* Oral Health Foundation, ‘National Smile Month Survey 2021’, UK, Broadcast Revolution, April 2021, Sample 2,009