Is your smile ready for the big reveal?

Soon wearing masks when out and about will be a thing of the past – is your smile ready for the big reveal?

Our Stroud dentists at Fourways Dental Surgery in Chalford Hill think there is nothing more beautiful than a confident smile with healthy teeth, pink gums and fresh breath. If yours isn’t quite there yet, there are lots of ways to get your smile looking great – and they needn’t break the bank.

If you brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes every day, then well done. Only 73% of Brits say they brush their teeth twice a day or more and 33% admit they never floss.

Why is flossing important?

Flossing or using inter-dental brushes before you brush is great for dislodging anything trapped between your teeth and helps reach those areas that a toothbrush just can’t get to.

Inter-dental brushes come in all sizes (depending on the size of the gap between your teeth) and cost just a few pounds. They are well worth the small investment, are simple to use and will help improve your gum health enormously if used every day.

If you have seen one of our hygienists, you will have been told which size and colour is right for your mouth. Don’t worry if you have forgotten, mention it next time you visit our Willerby Road dental practice and we will be happy to refresh your memory. You can also pick some inter-dental brushes up while you are here!

Cosmetic solutions

If you have managed to squirrel away some money during the coronavirus pandemic, why not invest in your smile?

We have a range of affordable cosmetic treatments available from whitening, composite bonding, white fillings and porcelain veneers.

Contact us now to find out how we can get your smile ready for showing off.